Kwik Sticks Boys Teams Named!

Avon/St. Michael’s is proud to announce our Kwik Sticks 11-a-side teams for 2018.

Yateen Lallu steps into the head coach role of the Stags team after a very successful year last year. His team won the entire Kiwi Sticks grade last year. Yateen is assisted by Hitesh Lallu and Mel Patterson.

Chris McCloy also steps up into 11-a-side coaching ranks as head coach of the Avengers this year. Chris is assisted by Jimi Cherry who was also Chris’s assistant coach last year.

Good luck to all our boys this year – looking forward to a successful and fun year.

Avon/St. Michael’s Stags:

  • Josh Thornley
  • Joe McFayden
  • Alex Brandrick
  • Danie Beukes
  • Jonathan Murphy
  • Jake Patterson
  • Benjamin Murphy
  • Vivek Lallu
  • Alex Smith (GK)
  • Finn McCormack-Young
  • Caleb Knight
  • Marcus Elson
  • Raj Ravji
  • Caleb Moore

Avon/St. Michael’s Avengers:

  • Thomas Withell
  • Albie Eden
  • Daniel Ellis
  • Tanirau Flavell
  • Taine MacGregor
  • Jackson Taylor
  • Ryan Manson
  • Codey Noonan
  • Coby Thorn
  • Tom Lambie
  • Matthew Flint
  • Peter Smith
  • Nico Cherry
  • Mason Stolzenberger

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