Club Fees

Avon Hockey’s subs are set and agreed annually at the club AGM.

The following 2020 subs were approved at the 2020 AGM. However please note that these may change due to the delayed season start as a result of the COVID-19 situation. Assessment of this will be made once we know further information on the start of the season.

Adult Tertiary/Secondary
2020 Subs Early Late Early Late
CPL 450 480 405 440
Div 1 415 445 385 410
Div 2 385 415 365 390
Div 3 Platinum 315 335
MWO 320 345 290 315
Grass $170 or $50 Turf Rate 120 120
Kwik Sticks 11-a-side 180 195
Kwik Sticks 6-a-side 145 155
Kiwi Sticks 145 155
Mini Sticks 130 140
Fun Sticks Free


To be eligible for the early rate, players/parents must make full payment of the subs by the due date indicated on their invoice. A player/parent may request a payment plan which extends after the due date and still be eligible for the early rate, if, and only if:

1) They make contact with Treasurer immediately after receiving their invoice to advise of their situation and their suggest payment plan.

2) They stick to the agreed payment plan.

The following payment methods are accepted by the club:

Bank Transfer:

ANZ Account No. – 01-0833-0063348-00

Please use your invoice number as a reference

Credit Card:

When you receive your invoice link from our Xero system, please click the “Pay Now” button to pay via Stripe. Please note there is a service fee from Stripe for using this service.


Please post cheques to:

Robin Cox
The Secretary
54b Greers Road
Christchurch, 8041

Please do not make payment to your coach or manager. This is to ensure that payment is received by the correct authorised club committee members.

Avon Hockey offers a 10% discount on subs when two or more direct family members play for the club in the same season.