Club Uniform

Avon Hockey has three uniform designs for the club. There is two senior designs and one junior design.

CPL and Division 1 Uniform:

The club introduced an exclusive and unique uniform for our CPL Men and Women’s team in 2018, which expanded to our Division 1 teams in 2021. These uniforms were sponsored by helloworld Fendalton and Robbies Riccarton (CPL Men) and Hair, Art and Beauty (CPL and Division 1 Women).

Senior Uniform:
The senior club universally introduced its new playing strip in 2015, via our uniform supplier, Konstruct. The design features a blue and gold striped shirt with blue shorts and skorts.

Sponsors of these uniforms are: Parks Garage (CPL Men), Hair, Art and Beauty (CPL Women), Endeavour Solutions Limited (Mid-Week Open Men Blue) and NZCT (all other teams).

Junior Uniform:
The Avon Hockey Junior Club has a unique design. Our uniform supplier is XCM Group. The design is a mixture of light blue and dark blue shirts and shorts.

Sponsors of these uniforms are: Nandos Riccarton (Mini Sticks Boys), Wynn Williams, NuBuild, and NZCT.

Avon Hockey socks are available for purchase at Just Hockey in St. Asaph Street.

Uniform Senior Men 2     Uniform Senior Women 2      Uniform Juniors 2