Division 3 Men Teams Named!

Avon Hockey are proud to announce our Division 3 Men’s teams. Tim Harvey and Yateen Lallu return as coaches of our 2017 successful Gold team (previously Youth Boys).

Our new CPL Men’s recruit, Sam¬†Armitage, will assist in coaching the Blue team until Mid-May at which point Kurt Gurden will join the coaching team. We are still seeking players for this team so if you are interested, please contact Kurt Gurden at kurtgurden@yahoo.co.nz.

Congrats to all our boys and good luck for the season ahead.

Gold Team:

  • Liam Alexander
  • Shahid Ali
  • Robbie Bargrove
  • Logan Cartwright-Keast
  • Joseph Collins
  • Josh Cooper
  • Ben Cox
  • Jake Goddard
  • Jayan Goldsworthy
  • Louis Harvey
  • Murphy Kyle
  • Rihan Lallu
  • Jacob Mitchell-Hall
  • Hamish Newstead (GK)

Blue Team:

  • James McRobb
  • Cam Hutton
  • Henry Bagshaw
  • Allan Parkinson
  • Caleb Forsythe (GK)
  • Kaspian Evatt
  • Will Herriot
  • Billy Knight
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Zach Rogers
  • + additional players to be added

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