Division 3 Men Teams Named!

Avon Hockey are proud to announce our Division 3 Men’s teams. Tim Harvey and Yateen Lallu return as coaches of our 2017 successful Gold team (previously Youth Boys).

Our new CPL Men’s recruit, SamĀ Armitage, will assist in coaching the Blue team until Mid-May at which point Kurt Gurden will join the coaching team. We are still seeking players for this team so if you are interested, please contact Kurt Gurden at kurtgurden@yahoo.co.nz.

Congrats to all our boys and good luck for the season ahead.

Gold Team:

  • Liam Alexander
  • Shahid Ali
  • Robbie Bargrove
  • Logan Cartwright-Keast
  • Joseph Collins
  • Josh Cooper
  • Ben Cox
  • Jake Goddard
  • Jayan Goldsworthy
  • Louis Harvey
  • Murphy Kyle
  • Rihan Lallu
  • Jacob Mitchell-Hall
  • Hamish Newstead (GK)

Blue Team:

  • James McRobb
  • Cam Hutton
  • Henry Bagshaw
  • Allan Parkinson
  • Caleb Forsythe (GK)
  • Kaspian Evatt
  • Will Herriot
  • Billy Knight
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Zach Rogers
  • + additional players to be added

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