Avon Hockey offers various sponsorship options for those businesses that are interested. These options offer your business the chance to get your name highly visible in the public eye, while also providing valuable funding to our not-for-profit hockey club.

Funding options include:
– Team naming rights (for example, Hair, Art and Beauty sponsor our CPL Women’s team, with the team known as “H&B Avon”)
– Sponsorships for our senior teams (CPL, Div 1-3, and Youth) are offered at $500 plus GST per hockey season.
– Sponsorships for our junior teams (Kwik Sticks to Mini Sticks) are offered at $250 plus GST per hockey season.
– Team uniform sponsorship – have your business’s logo on our uniforms (either front or back)
– Uniform sponsorships are offers at rates agreed with the committee. Sponsorship will last several years, as agreed.
– Advertising on our website, Facebook pages and social events. Those purchasing team naming rights and uniform sponsorships will receive this advertising with the purchase.

If any of these options interest you and your business, please contact us to discuss a sponsorship package to suit your needs.

Sponsorship Examples:

Team Naming Rights:
Below is how our sponsored teams show on the weekly draw:

HB Team ex Kendons Team ex Texture Group Team ex

Canterbury Hockey also provide a weekly round preview followed by a summary on Facebook and their website with sponsor’s names mentioned also:

CH weekly preview

Uniform Sponsorships:
Below is an example of our CPL Women is their sponsored uniforms (logo on the back):

Uniform sponsorship 1

Uniform sponsorship 2