Summer Hockey Notices – Week 2

Hi all,


Hope you enjoyed your well deserved week off!!


Week 2 is next week. Please note game times carefully and double games in red.



Please make payment of subs into my bank account (this is not the Avon Hockey bank account – I pay the entry fee personally and you reimburse me). Acct. Number 01-0843-0000017-46. I require all subs to be paid up over the next two weeks. Subs rates as follows:



  • Shakers: $12 per player
  • Blitz, Tigers: $14 per player
  • Makos, Lynx, Panthers, Tigers, Jaguars – $30 per player (Alex Brandrick, Oliver Battrick, Josh Thornley pay the $30 only sub as “mixed” grade players)


Games for next week are:



Avon/St. Michael’s Blitz vs Westie Warriors; 6pm, Nunweek Park 1 North A

  • Same players as Week 1 (Caitlin Anderson, Brydee Cattermole, Gemma Jackman absent) – if one or two of the Makos boys want to fill in, let me know.

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Makos vs STAC White; 4:30pm, Nunweek Park 2 South –see above comment re. assisting the Blitz also

  • Same Players as Week 1

Coach: Yateen Lallu


Avon/St. Michael’s Lynx vs Stick Chicks; 4pm, Nunweek Park 2 South

  • Same Players as Week 1

Coach: Mike Graveston




Avon/St. Michael’s Shakers vs Selwyn House Smurfs; 4pm, Nunweek Park 1 North B

  • Same Players as Week 1

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Tigers vs Quactapusses; 4:30pm, Nunweek Park 1 South A

Team: Ella Dewar, Owen Menzies, Oliver Battrick, Josh Thornley, Joe Mcfadyen, DeArna McCaskey, Jade Garvey, Daniel Ellis

Coach: Kurt Gurden


Avon/St. Michael’s Panthers vs Strikers; 4pm, Nunweek Park 2 North – Please note the early game time and allow time to make it to the turf by hit-off

Team: Alex Brandrick, Oliver Battrick, Louie Harvey, Caleb Forsyth, Jake Goddard, James McRobb, Kelvin Milne

Coach: Mike Graveston


Avon/St. Michael’s Dragons vs The Pixies; 5:30pm, Nunweek Park 2 South

Team: Josh Thornley, Liam Turner, Henry Bagshaw, Kate Bloomfield, Alex Crampton, Kaspian Evatt, Robbie Bargrove, Rihan Lallu

Coach: Kurt Gurden


Avon/St. Michael’s Jaguars vs The Allsorts; 6pm, Nunweek Park 2 North

Team: Robbie Bargrove, Logan Cartwright-Keast, Shahid Ali, Liam Duncan, Alex Crampton, Rihan Lallu, Kaspian Evatt

Coach: Hugh Williams


See you all at the turf!


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