Summer Hockey – Week 1 Draw and Notices

Week 1 is here next week! Let’s get into it! The draws have been released to our fixtures bar at and are below.


The games and teams for this week are below. Please note the game times and turn up 10 minutes before each game. Please note that due to some swaps in our Tuesday teams, some players will be offered to play a second game each week. These are highlighted in red below.


Please also note that the game times are not completely what I indicated they might be in the intro email – basically any grade can expect to play between 4-6pm on a given day. If your son or daughter can’t make a game in a given week, I need you to advise me ASAP for I can sort a replacement.


Remember to wear a light blue shirt, if you have chosen not to purchase an Avon/St. Michael’s shirt. For those new to the club and perhaps don’t know our faces yet, if you head to the turf indicated for your game and look for the team in light blue, you can’t go wrong. With respect of which turf is which, Nunweek Park 2 is the middle turf, and Nunweek 1 is the one furthest from the main road.


If I have missed your son/daughter’s name off the list, please let me know.




Avon/St. Michael’s Blitz vs Battlers; Nunweek Park 1 North, 5:30pm

Team: Jemima Johanson, Samantha Walker, Ruby Francois, Millie Campbell, Caitlin Anderson, Brydee Cattermole, Gemma Jackman, Darnae Parkes, Caley Van der Kroon

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Makos vs The Boys!; Nunweek Park 2 South, 4pm

Team: Vivek Lallu, Rihan Lallu, Raj Ravji, Douglas Bongartz, Tanirau Flavell, Mason Stolzenberger, Caleb Knight, Marcus Elson

Coach: Yateen Lallu


Avon/St. Michael’s Lynx vs The Maggies; Nunweek Park 2 North, 4pm

Team: Elizabeth Mackey, Kate Mackey, Elizabeth Perry, Caitlin Nicholas, Gemma Francois, Huda Mazharuddin, Katie Abbott

Coach: Mike Graveston



Avon/St. Michael’s Shakers vs Super Sticks; Nunweek Park 1 North, 4pm

Team: Quinn Harvey, Matthew Delaney, Katie Battrick, Brett Rowlands, Rory Forsyth, Hugo Earl, Oliver Elliot, Samuel Bennett, Sophie Jensen

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Tigers vs The Strikers; Nunweek Park 1 South, 4:30pm

Team: Ella Dewar, Owen Menzies, Oliver Battrick, Alex Brandrick, Joe Mcfadyen, DeArna McCaskey, Jade Garvey, Daniel Ellis

Coach: Kurt Gurden


Avon/St. Michael’s Dragons vs Canterbury Cubs; Nunweek Park 2 South, 5pm

Team: Caleb Forsyth, Henry Bagshaw, Kate Bloomfield, James McRobb, Kelvin Milne, Oliver Battrick, Alex Brandrick, Jake Goddard

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Jaguars vs The Tough Nuts; Nunweek Park 2 North, 5:30pm

Team: James McRobb, Kelvin Milne, Liam Turner, Alex Crampton, Liam Duncan, Robbie Bargrove, Jake Goddard

Coach: Kurt Gurden


Avon/St. Michael’s Panthers vs The Pixies; Nunweek Park 2 South, 5:30pm

Team: Louie Harvey, Kaspian Evatt, Shahid Ali, Logan Cartwright-Keast, Henry Bagshaw, Kate Bloomfield, Josh Thornley

Coach: Mike Graveston

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