H&B CPL Women’s Team Named!!

We are proud to announce our 2018 CPL Women’s Team!! Congrats ladies and bring home the championship this year. The team will again be coached by veteran coach Matt Walcott.

We thank our continued sponsor of our ladies – Hair, Art and Beauty. Thanks for your continued support Karla!!

The 2018 Team:

  • Olivia Amey
  • Libby Bird
  • Alice Coll
  • Jackie Eden
  • Bella Forbes
  • Mikeely Jones
  • Sarah McLaren
  • Gabby Morgan
  • Catherine Parata
  • Zoe Pullar
  • Clari Pichon Riviere
  • Sophie Radovanich
  • Lizzie Thomson
  • Amy Walcott
  • Sarah Walcott
  • Abbie Wilson

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