Avon/St. Michael’s Junior Teams Named!

Please find attached our finalised Junior Team Lists – view here.

Practice this week Today!

Thursday 20th April, for those who can make it

Practice Times

4.30pm – 5.30pm

  1. Funsticks
  2. Ministick Girls
  3. Ministick Boys
  4. Kiwistick Boys – Jaguars

5.30pm – 6.30pm

  1. Kiwistick Boys – Mako’s
  2. Kiwistick Boys – Panthers
  3. Kiwistick Girls – Blitz Pink
  4. Kiwistick Girls – Swans

6.30pm – 7.30pm

  1. 6 Aside Kwikstick Girls
  2. 6 Aside Kwikstick Boys
  3. Kiwistick Girls – Wondergirls
  4. Kiwistick Girls – Magic

7.30pm – 8.30pm

  1. 11 Aside Kwikstick Boys
  2. 11 Aside Kwikstick Girls

Team Selections:

Please find attached all team selections here.

Please note the New confirmed  practice times in this attachment will be effective for practices from now on

Team Managers:

We are now looking for team Managers for:

  • Mini sticks Angels, GIRLS
  • KIWI STICKS BOYS,  Avon/St. Michael’s Jaguars
  • KIWI STICKS GIRLS, Avon-St Michael’s Blitz
  • KIWI STICKS GIRLS, Avon-St Michael’s Swans
  • KIWI STICKS GIRLS, Avon-St Michael’s Magic
  • Kwik sticks Boys, 11 Aside Avon-St Michael’s Stags
  • Kwik sticks Boy, 6 Aside Avon-St Michael’s Avengers 7
  • Kwik sticks Girl’s,  6 Aside  Avon-St Michael’s Stars

Team Managers are vital for the success of all our teams, If you are able to help in this way please let me know asap


If you have not already registered online could you please do so.

To do this:

New members need to Logon to Avon website,


click on Membership tab, go to New Registration and fill in details etc, at the end click on

Submit application only. When your asked


New players to register you must know which grade, Fun Stick ( Year 1-2), mini ( Year 3-4), kiwi ( Year 5-6) , kwiks

( Year 7-8). Fees will be invoiced for subs later so ignore all subscription stuff.


Existing players must open the website/membership then login and go to

Registration Renewal. If they have forgotten their username and password they are

under access on the member bit.


Michael Graveston

Avon / S.Michaels

Junior hockey

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