Summer Hockey Notices – Week 5

Hi All


We are up to week 5 now – 3 games left in the season!


A reminder to those who have not paid your subs yet – they are now overdue! My expectation is that they are in my account on Tuesday morning – no exceptions! I have just personally (not via Avon, personally) paid $1,500 to Canterbury Hockey for the entry fees – therefore I place expectation that these are paid immediately!


Looking to the final week of games (in two weeks time), it is somewhat tradition to have a “break-up” after the final games. This is where everyone brings something to share, and we have some food/drinks on the grass at Nunweek after the last game. Looking at the draw, this is going to work perfectly for the Tuesday teams as the Yr 5-8 teams all finish at 5pm, and the Yr. 3&4 team finishes at 4:30pm. Monday has one team finishing at 5pm (Lynx) and two teams (Makos and Blitz) finishing at 5:30pm – so will look at what we can do here. Keep this in mind.


The draw for this week is:


Avon/St. Michael’s Blitz vs StAC Pipes; 6pm, Nunweek Park 1 North B

  • Same players as normal

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Makos vs Slayer Players; 5pm, Nunweek Park 2 South

  • Same players as normal

Coach: Yateen Lallu


Avon/St. Michael’s Lynx vs SJS Blue; 5pm, Nunweek Park 2 North

  • Same players as normal

Coach: Mike Graveston


Tuesday: – Again, we have 5 teams playing in the space of 1 hour. Please ensure you are there on time.


Avon/St. Michael’s Shakers vs Quick Sticks; 4pm, Nunweek Park 1 North A

  • Same players as normal

Coach: Hugh Williams


Avon/St. Michael’s Tigers vs Waimairi Rascals; 4:30pm, Nunweek Park 1 South B

Team: Ella Dewar, Owen Menzies, Alex Brandrick, Oliver Battrick, Joe Mcfadyen, Ruby Lennox, Jade Garvey, Daniel Ellis

Coach: Kurt Gurden


Avon/St. Michael’s Jaguars/Panthers/Dragons as follows:


Dragons – 4pm Jaguars – 4:30pm Panthers – 4:30pm
Nunweek 2 South Nunweek 2 North Nunweek 2 South
vs Pink Sticks vs Medbury Bulldogs vs Helium Tacos
James McRobb James McRobb Robbie Bargrove (as goalie)
Kelvin Milne Kelvin Milne Rihan Lallu
Shahid Ali Henry Bagshaw Louie Harvey
Louie Harvey Logan Cartwright-Keast Josh Thornley
Alex Crampton Kate Bloomfield Kaspian Evatt
Oliver Battrick Caleb Forsyth Shahid Ali
Alex Brandrick Jake Goddard Liam Duncan
Kurt Gurden Mike Graveston Hugh Williams

See you at the ground!




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