CPL Preview 13/08/16

Another round of eel profiles for this weeks 3rd and 4th play off against HSOB/Burnside. The game is at 12.30pm, Marist.

Sophie Radovonich

Sophie ‘fresher’ Radovonich came to Avon last year making her CPL debut.  She has always loved the blue and yellow, coming from Rangi Ruru it was only natural that she became an eel. This year Sophie gave up the city lifestyle to study at Lincoln University. Soph is always reliable on the post at defensive P.Cs; safety always comes first for her, she’s always sure to wear a mask to keep her face looking good for all of her boys.  This year Sophie has been promoted from a wing half to an important role in the screen with Sarah Walcott. It’s a hard job, but Sophie makes it look easy.



Kidi Brown
Kids ‘da finisher’ brown was scouted at an early age from Hinemoa Kaiapoi, making her an original Eel. University studies in Dunedin saw her being MIA from the Avon scene for a few years, however she returned with a physiology degree, showing she’s not just a pretty face. Another stint for Avon then she disappeared, fully MIA and unreachable. She returned again in 2015, with 4563 missed notifications on her phone, we are making sure she never goes missing again. Her finishing of goals and famous ‘slick fades’ have been missed in the last round of CPL as injury has forced her to the sideline.

Zoe Merrick

Zoe Merrick aka Zoom, became an eel in the 2015 season. In the previous year the eels took the wooden spoon home for the season and with a lot of members leaving we were definitely in need for some new slick players to add to our team. Zoom came along with plenty of skill, good chat and quickly became a valuable member of the group. She’s always keen for a weekend at the Irishman however somehow ends up the classy one of the bunch at Baretta where she’s able to skip the long line and probably gets drinks for free. This year Zoom has taken on the role as team advisor, any problems you have whether it’s boy issues or stressed over Uni, Zoom has your back. This chick can play pretty much anywhere on the field and uses her signature “pop” hit to get past any flat stick tackler. Watch out for her this Saturday.

Bridget Johnson

Bridget “so nice” Johnson is exactly what her nick name says- so nice. We can guarantee she’s one of the nicest gals in the eel family; she is the complete opposite to the Bird and Walcott on the field. Instead of gaining green cards like those two, Bridget gains friendships. However, she may be just sticking to the well-known saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” . On the field the ball is on her stick like glue, she’s a solid defender and nothing gets past her left foot. ZPull could fire a bullet and she’d still trap it on the reverse. We don’t know how you do it Bridget. Keep it up!

Olivia Amey

Olivia Amey is another one of the newbies this year. She came to the Chur to study at Lincoln, where she met Sophie Rado. As trial season approached us we were keen to lock her into the Eels after seeing her slick skills plus her ability to slot goals (something we were eager to do this season). She decided blue and yellow were great colours and fit right into the team by being 1 of 6 players that have attended Lincoln Uni. Liv is always keen for a rowdy night and was able to show that at eelinitiations as she didn’t shy away from the eel funnel.


Jackie Eden

Jackie Eden has been an eel for many years now and although some may say she’s the quietest gal on the field, she definitely isn’t on the drink. Jackie is versatile on the field, she can go from saving a goal on the line to sprinting the field and scoring a goal at the other end. If she ever comes up against another ginger haired opponent she will do anything in her will to be the better red, And jacks we can say you always are. Every weekend out with this girl is a laugh and you can always count on her for a good night at the Irishman. How she can drink on a Saturday and then get a PB on a yoyo the next day beyond us, we don’t know how you can get so lit yet be so fit? You’re our idol Jacks.


Sarah Walcott

Sarah ‘foul mouthed’ Walcott is another CPL player who has been with Avon since she started playing hockey. She is one of our key players, and will die on the field if that’s what it takes to win. She has done well this season by only being awarded green cards but only because the umpires have tightened up their rules about on field language. With the absence of Emma Symes in pre-game huddles, Sarah has taken the new role as the smooth talker who pumps us up. She’s Avon’s golden girl who’s been making  representative teams from day 1 and is the definition of slick with her deceptive sweep that sometimes fools our own players.

Amy Walcott

Amy ‘large stride’ Walcott has been in CPL for three years so far and has played for Avon all her hockey life. She is the tallest member of our team (the team tree) and with those long limbs she is able to keep our strike line at a good pace with her “large strides”. Amy is known for being the chillest member in the team, even though she always has pre game nerves. She stopped taking rescue remedy after almost overdosing and fainting mid game. The highlight of her season so far would have to be when she netted a hat trick against Marist that gave us an all important a 6-1 win. Amy is a gifted graphic designer and has some slick ideas for 2017 Eel Merch.

Lizzie Thomson

Lizzie Thomson was born into the blue and yellow as her two older sisters and mother have represented Avon hockey in the past. After many years of playing in Avon CPL she has now taken on the role as “social organiser”. We like to keep a tight bond here in Avon and she makes this happen by continuing to organise social events such as BYOs with the Avon men’s team. Lizzie plays in the midfield and has recently been chucked up front for a run round while kids “da finisher” is out with injury. She went the whole of 2015 without scoring and has so far contributed one this season, watch out for her this Saturday as she’s keen to slot some away before her time is up. Lizzie is a yoga guru and is usually up before the birds on a Saturday morning to get in a relaxing yoga session ahead of a hockey game. She brings her yoga techniques into her unique style of play and uses this to her advantage, all that stretching has given her a massive reach and she is able to tackle a player from two metres away, when you think you’ve got past her you haven’t.

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