CPL Preview 6/8/16 (semi final)

H & B Avon vs Harewood 12.05pm @ Marist (Semi final)

This weekend will be a massive game for H & B Avon as they face the undefeated Harewood. The Eels have come second best in the last two encounters, however, a win where it really counts tomorrow would be historical. In celebration of another top 4 round robin finish, instead of a game preview we will getting to know all of the Eels over the next two weeks.

Zoe Pullar

We start off with the one and only Zoe Pullar. ZPull aka Pullaaaaar has been a member of Avon since she moved up from Gore a long time ago. ZPull is basically team mum with her slick organisation skills and weekly reminders of trainings, even though training times haven’t changed all year. Zoe throws a mean over head from a 16 yard, a skill that Avon has lacked in the past years.

Anna Miller

Anna ‘two goon’ Millar came down to Christchurch from Northland in 2015 with aspirations of becoming an eel. Her nickname comes from her casual approach and affinity to cask wine. As a geography student, Anna is frequently away on nature adventures so the eels are lucky when she graces us with her presence. Anna has proved herself as a valuable member of the team who has some sweet goal scoring skills and isn’t afraid to host Avon activities.

Gabby Morgan
Gabby ‘loose unit’ Morgan was born blue and yellow, Avon was her destiny. As a youngster she started off as a field player but slowly found her place in the goal. Since then, she has tried her luck on the field but her loose PCs drags almost took an eel out for the 2015 season. Gabby is one of the many that rely on ZPull to look after her valuables on the weekend. This season so far, Gabby has saved approximately 162 shots on goal, keep it up Gab.

Sarah McLaren

Sarah ‘bridesmaid’ McLaren is one of the 5 new members of Avon CPL this year. Originally from Southland, just like Zoe, the amount of ‘r’s that get rolled in this team is ridiculous. Sarah is best known for having a wedding every second weekend (but is never the bride)  and adding to Monday training casualty list by slipping and breaking her fingers. Her slick jinking skills have made her the number one goal scorer in the team… take a seat Kidi Brown.

Libby Bird

Libby bird aka “the bird” finally found her true calling in 2016 when she decided blue and yellow was more her colour. The bird brings more than just banter to the team as she gives us the pace we have been looking for.  If she’s not doing shuttles up and down the field you can find her sipping on some Fat Bird and dining on sweet and sour pork from Madam Kwongs. Libby may be the smallest in the team but she sure gets fired up on the field. She gives Sarah Walcott a run for her money when it comes to penalties and is currently sitting on 3 green cards. Great work Lib, we’re proud of you.

Julia Rolleston

Julia ‘busta rhyme’ Rolleston came to Avon this season and was quick to get the attention of our fellow Avon lads at our first BYO shindig. Julia plays in the midfield and has some slick skills that made her a sure pick at this years trials. We thought it was just coincidence but rumour has it that Julia and the Bird are actually  twins that were separated at birth. We’re glad they were able to find their way back to each other by joining the Avon family. Don’t be fooled by Julia’s looks, this girl can bust a rhyme just as well as Busta Rhyme, you’d think she was straight outta Compton.

Emma Symes

Long time eel Emma Symes unfortunately went MIA on the team after landing a dream job away from Christchurch. She is one of the most committed in the team, managing to fly back for crucial games (economy of course, no private jets here). Emma is known for her smooth words of wisdom, goal scoring abilities and keen approach to fitness.  We all have our fingers crossed she will make a comeback to Christchurch next year, we miss her dearly.

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