Mini Sticks Boys Dragons

Coach: Emma and Thomas Bennett
Co-Managers: Tori Kelland and Jane Ryder-Foskett
2019 Subs: $125 (Early Rate), $135 (Late Rate)
Training Time: 5:30-4:30pm, Thursday, Old Shirley Boys High School Turf

2019 Team:

  • Ethan Cowles
  • FLetcher Thompson
  • George McIlraith
  • Levi Currie
  • Robbie McNabb
  • Tanie Jewell-Bennett
  • Taj Lallu
  • Toby Ryder-Foskett
  • Will Kelland

Grade Prescription:
The Mini Sticks 6-a-side grade is a junior grade in which our Yr. 3 & 4 players compete. It is a grade for new players to experience games against other clubs, and players to put what they leant at Fun Sticks into game situations. The teams feed into the Kiwi Sticks grade teams. Games are held at various locations in Christchurch, often on school turfs.

Games are played on a quarter-field sized turf and there are 6 players on a field at any time, with no goalkeeper.

Games are 2 x 20 minute halves.