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H & B Avon vs Harewood 2.30pm @ Nunweek – Avon Hockey

H & B Avon vs Harewood 2.30pm @ Nunweek

H & B Avon vs Harewood 2.30pm @ Nunweek

After last week’s loss against the Reindeer its been back to the drawing board for the Eels. The girls went down 3-1 and have finally realised that first goal does not necessarily mean you get to win. This weekend we face the Harewood Huntresses, with both of the teams coming up against somebody that they used to know…

Kidz ‘da finisher’ Brown finally lived up to her name in the weekend with the only goal scored against Carlton. A bit of incentive from our club president must have been the point of difference with Kidz being $20 richer as a result. Sarah ‘always the bridesmaid’ McClaren was fairly disappointed after the game and is still hanging out for that Facebook friend request.

The post game Eelnitiation activities set the standard for the rest of the season. Our five new additions rapped, raced and did the unimaginable all to be officially welcomed into the Avon Eels. Fingers crossed they won’t be scared off for next season but contracts are in the works to legally bind them to Avon for life.

Julia ‘busta rhyme’ Rolleston was a stand out performer on Saturday. She looks like a standard Merivale girl but she proved to us that she’s actually straight outta Compton. She also turned several heads on her first outing to the Irishman Nightclub, showing potential for a fanbase. Zpull has been the latest Avon training casualty with a stick to the face. With a history of head knocks we have our fingers crossed that Pullar will be well enough to play tomorrow.

Avon will be without the smooth words of Emma Symes as she heads home for her birthday weekend. Emma’s versatility will be missed throughout the field as well as her ability to transform aquatic life into something more useful. The team will also be without Matt ‘get on my level’ Walcott, he will be MIA just like his cellphone.

This game could almost be classed as a grudge match, and luckily the Eels have had a small insight to what is to be expected from the Harewood girls thanks to some tight stick work popping up on the social media newsfeeds. Saturday is Club Day for Avon so please do come down and support our teams with games from 1.25pm. Barbecue will be in full force so please help yourself to that to support our club.


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